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Welcome to New Point Comfort

New Point Comfort is a windswept peninsula at the southernmost point of Mathews County, Virginia. Renown for its natural habitats of beaches, salt marshes and forested wetlands, this tiny strip of land is also home to a wide variety of coastal and marine plants and animals. Just offshore its southern point on a tiny rock covered island, the legendary New Point Comfort lighthouse still warns Chesapeake Bay mariners of the shallow shoals that lie below. For years, sports and nature lovers alike have been drawn to these waters. Now, you are invited to discover the natural beauty and adventure found in and around the New Point Comfort area.

History of New Point Comfort Lighthouse The History of New Point Comfort Lighthouse Learn the complete history of this proud sentinel on the Chesapeake Bay in Mathews County, Virginia
New Point Comfort Map New Point Comfort Treasure Map Get a bird's eye view of the New Point Comfort peninsula and Lighthouse
New Point Comfort Beach Structure The Chesapeake Bay Beach Structure of New Point Comfort and other sandy shorelines along the Chesapeake Bay
Sport Fish at New Point Comfort Sport Fish found in the Chesapeake Bay waters around New Point Comfort, and how to catch them
Navigation of New Point Comfort Chesapeake Bay Navigation Planning Charts Get an online look at Chesapeake Bay marine charts
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New Point Comfort Lighthouse Preservation Task Force The New Point Comfort Preservation Task Force 2002 Learn how you can help save our legendary lighthouse.
Chesapeake Crater The Chesapeake Crater Did you know a giant asteroid or comet once struck the Chesapeake Bay area?
Southeast U.S. Data Bouys Southeast Data Buoy Check out live weather marine information from Chesapeake Bay and offshore buoy stations in the Atlantic Ocean
Courthouse Square Mathews County Virginia Visit Courthouse Square, the famous historic landmark in the heart of Mathews County, Virginia

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